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Photos: Nick Homan
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Photo: Nick Homan
Hardwood logs anchored along shoreline as biological wave break. Tree crowns/ branches placed on top into water for habitat. All logs placed on ice in winter and allowed to sink in spring.
Logs and branches on ice after being placed.
Admiring a long days work.
Biological wave break in place in spring and vegetation growing in behind and around wave break.
Tree branches  placed on top of logs create habitat for fish and young reptiles and amphibians.
Logs protecting vegetation and bank from wave erosion.
Shoreline to be restored to native vegetation buffer. Turf has been killed off and bare soil areas covered with shredded leaf mulch.
Area being prepared for planting of native plugs.
Shoreline buffer area immediatly after planting of plugs.
Buffer zone, the following spring after planting. Plants have established and are growing well.
Shoreline buffer  area exactly one year from time of planting.
New cabin placed on lake lot.
4 months after lawn and planting beds were installed.
Raised terrace for fire pit directly off of patio, surrounded by perrenial bed filled with native plant materials.
Outline of rain garden on downslope off of driveway. Used to intercept excess flow from neighbors yard upslope and slow flow into neighbors yard downslope.
Completed rain garden right after planting . Dry creek bed upslope is designed to slow flow rate before runoff enters basin.
Treated timber wall being used to stabilize driveway edge.
Completed wall. Truck shows scale of wall and driveway.
Completed wall from lower side.
Area along side of driveway designed as decorative/ functional boulder edge and native grass planting.
Completed border with mature bluestem grasses, stabilizing driveway edge.
Driveway border from reverse angle of previous photo.
Old deteriorating cinder block wall flanking pathway to lakeshore. Needs to be replaced for safety concerns.
Old wall removed, and new biologigal soil bag wall installed. Local zoning requirments limit types of structures and building material type, within the 75' set back from the lake edge.
Different angle. Shows new treated lumber staircase installed to allow for movement from above to pathway below. Staircase is free standing and raised just above wall surface.
Wall Layers. Pathway paved with rubber mat filled with soil and seeded with grass. Rubber mats are designed to protect grass roots from foot traffic and soil erosion.
Opposite angle, shows path surface and staircase. Soil bag will be planted with native plant plugs in following spring. Wall will become a large mass of appropiatly sized lush green plants. Terraced area adjacent to water's edge allows for portable fire pit and viewing of lake comfortably.
Native shoreline buffer restoration immediatly after planting of plugs.
Native shoreline buffer restoration immediatly after planting of plugs.
Native shoreline buffer restoration immediatly after planting of plugs.
Native shoreline bufer restoration immediatly after planting of plugs.
Shoreline buffer being prepared for planting. Homeowner has chosen to leave viewing and access cooridor in turf. Local ordinance allows for 30% of total shoreline to be in access cooridor.
Area photographed from upslope at time of plant layout and installation.
Area photographed from adjacent access cooridor. Following season, 1 yr. after planting.
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Pathway connected to dock downslope.
Small terraces connecting pathway and dock downslope.
Shoreline buffer above Rip rap.(Rip rap installed by another contractor.) Flagstone pathway winding through buffer area for access and asthetics.
Photo of pathways interesecting in middle of buffer area.
Second dock connected to pathway upslope.
Close up previuos photo.
Flagstone path winding throughout buffer zone.
Photo of area to be placed into shorline buffer. Access cooridor to be center photo directly accessing dock.
Lawn area to be restored into buffer zone.
Buffer immediatly after planting in late fall.
Buffer zone adjacent to access cooridor, immediatly after planting in late fall.
Buffer area viewed from dock.
<Winter work applying never before used technique to help stabilize shoreline loss.
< ^Full native landscape from scratch on lake home.
Rebuilding old retaining wall with new biological living plant wall.>
<Fully restored buffer zone after planting.
Small buffer area planting process.>
<Buffer area with stone paths.
Buffer area after planting late fall, reduces excess lawn.>
Buffer zone planting from start to finish and 1 st years growing.>
Adams County Lake Alliance Lake Fair.
Down on the Farm Art Show
Down on the Farm Art Show
Down on the Farm Art Show
<Display booth at a few lakefairs and trade shows.
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